Student Animation/ Illustration X 18- Anim Mod. ILD122 2019
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"Why I chose this Pastel Animation "- Sheila's comments in red


Marina Apostolidi


Emily Butterfield

I chose this animation as I really like the freedom and movement of the wolf. He seems to jump smoothly and effortlessly from rock to rock which I think is very effective. Yes , this little animation really flows well and has great character,well chosen Emily. Amazingly - Barry has JUST sent me the same clip as you can see below - "Great Minds Think Alike"


Laura Alice Cather

I liked this animation as I thought the characters were quite cute and you can clearly tell whats going on in the animation without having too much to focus on. Yes this is so simple Laura but so moving. Interesting that such "fun bunnies" can be used to put across such a powerful message. You might just spot that Georgia liked this one too!


Robynne Coble

This animation stands out to me because of the sense of movement the swirling colours give the scene. It makes me curious how they got such a clean white back into the animation with the oil pastels. A rare choice Robynne .. great energy and I gusess a tiny look at life/evolution.A VERY GOOD point about how they managed that clear white area over oil pastel.. I'm thinking how too!

Charlotte Hannah Dickens


I chose this animation as I simply adore wolves. The artist used oil pastels beautifully to create such a delightful scene. Yes this shows great expression and character in just a few seconds.. shows the power of Pastel - you will see that Barry and Emily have chosen it too!


Bruno Jose Fernandes Ferreira

This is not pastel but rather unique since this is not exclusively an animation, but a full-fledged game done entirely with stop-motion animation, which I found interesting. However, it was done with clay so if that doesn't count let me know and I will search for something else.Certainly worth a look at Bruno - it shows animation being used in an original way which is what we are after.

Kennedie -Fiona Hall

I think this pastel animation is really bright, the contrast with the colours used and the backdrop is really stark and what was done with the pastels is very bright and bold which I really like.
The colours really do stand out well Kennedie and the transistions are wacky and very effective..the crazy music helps too! You can see someone had a LOT of fun doing this!


Nathan Hall



Hugo Hernandez Abad


I liked this pastel animation because I think the movement of the dancer is very fluid; this and the changes in the background give the song a lot of energy. I think this gives many possibilities, such as using an animation as a videoclip or visual accompaniment .Original choice - VERY well summed up Hugo - you could be a good Art Critic one day! The animation is so fluid because it is "Rotoscoped" or traced over live action frame by frame. Yes the Pastel adds great energy.s


John Norman Hudd

I really enjoyed this animation because of how expressive the movement and facial animation was. As well as the way the erasing left a shadow that almost blends with the movement. The blue they picked also gives a very somber tone to the work which I assume was the intent. Yes this is a sad and moving animation John. I remember seeing it over a year ago and thought then how the characters colour & music contributed to the mood & storyline.... only pastel could do this.



Gemma Kelly


I like this animation because it's fun with the soundtrack and the colours are structured. Yes the soundtrack is crazy,looks like a students first go at pastel and the subject was indeed colour harmonies - well spotted Gemma .



Farzana Bibi Lalloo


I really liked the use of texture in the pastels as well as the sense of perspectives in the angles he drew the characters in. The way he goes from minimal lines to detailed scenes is quite interesting too. A really well researched choice Frazana - shows the huge power of pastel animation.


Jannella Star Large



Zoe Magson


Here’s an animation that I found interesting I enjoy how all the different shapes can be made from one picture . Never seen this one before Zoe - yes just shows how effective simplicity can be - and of course great syncing to sound track....bit like your "Sound of Silence - Face animation"


Barry McCann


It has some fantastic character movement and I loved the electric atmosphere of the whole scene 'dancing'. It is an amazingly poetic and atmospheric action packed few seconds Barry. As they were using OIl Pastels I reckon the fox must have been overlaid on separate cels .. as there are no "trails.". interesting technique to try.


Kelsey Murphy



Emil Sedzikowski


Pastel animations I liked because at the start it looks like a beating heart.. then the draiwng takes over and becomes alive. A most original choice Emil- in it's mixing of media and ideas... well researched


Georgia Joan Brydon-Wayman


I liked this animation as it’s quite child like. Although there’s no sound other than background music you know exactly what is happening in terms of context from just the simple movements in the animation. Very special choice Georgia, I saw this movie 2 years ago and loved it then for exactly the same reasons you have clearly given. I hope she did go on to do more.