Student Animation/ Illustration X 18- Anim Mod. ILD122 2019
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"Why I chose this Walk Cycle"- Sheila's comments in red


Marina Apostolidi

Horses are probably hard to animate because of how weird their walk is, i like it because first of all is my favourite animal and i wanted to do a four foot walk cycle because its different than two foot walk cycle. That is a GREAT choice Marina. You have picked on the work of Richard Williams propably the greatest animator alive today. He really does explain how everything moves very clearly beacuse he understands it!


Emily Butterfield

I chose this walk cycle as with it being a dog, It's really interesting to see how all four legs work together to make the dog move. Also I think the use of shading to show the difference between the front and back legs works really well. Yes that is a very effective simple four legged walk Emily.I'll hand out some work-sheets for this on Fri. as a few people are interested in trying this.


Laura Alice Cather

I chose this one as you can clearly see the movement in the walk cycle with the animation of the arms and legs. It also shows you the walk cycle from 2 other angles and I thought it was interesting. It is good to see the walk from different angles Laura - you will notice the absence of "Squash & Stretch " which gives us a bounce as we walk. 3D animators often ignores this .


Robynne Coble

This artist takes old 4 frame walk cycle sprites and updates them to today’s specs of 12 frames. I like this one in particular because the original is so iconic and a big symbol of my childhood, but seeing it updated shows how far technology has come in such a relatively short time. The updated version has a nice bounce to it that the original doesn’t have, and while exaggerated looks so much more natural and fun. Yes Robynne shows what a difference a few frames make.

Charlotte Hannah Dickens

Thought this animation was beautifully drawn as well as being extremely detailed and adorable. It shows both walking and skipping, rather sweet. Yes a good contrast of character walks Charlotte - that little girl skipping could be you (In even younger says of course)


Bruno Jose Fernandes Ferreira

Here is a walk cycle video featuring 100 different walk cycles animated. It doesn't have the best quality but I loved the attempt to animate all 100 different walk cycles, simple but effective.
Amazing collection of cycles Bruno - good research - nice that the animator started from the Real Thing!

Kennedie -Fiona Hall

Here is the walk cycle I chose, the way the character is walking feels airy and smooth which compliments the music and colours they used. Yes a particularly restfull cycle Kennedie.. the slower the cycle the harder to draw ! Lovely atmosphere through the setting , the music - and the slow flop of the hair!


Nathan Hall



Hugo Hernandez Abad


There are different walk cycles in the video. I chose it because show very good how can we give personality to a character with his way of walking, depending on them pose, and the movements of them entire body (not just arms and legs). There are some brilliant walk cycle examples in here Hugo - good research and excellent choice.



John Norman Hudd

I picked it out because who framed Roger rabbit is actually really close to my own heart. And the animation of Jessica really shows the femme fatale side of her. The animation is smooth and takes into account her personality for example the sway of her hips. Yes John, Jessica is a sophisticated character- and this is a very subtle set of drawings to suit her style.


Gemma Kelly

GUMBALL WALK I like the attention to detail and how the gumballs inside the glass head are individually animated, as well as the flickering flame in its hand. They thought about movement beyond the arms and legs, bringing dynamism to the entire character.
I also noticed how stylised the anatomy is, particularly the elongated legs, and how they still made it work for them and function as legs would. All in all, it's a solid animation with a great deal of work put into it! VERY WELL explained Gemma - a unique choice.


Farzana Bibi Lalloo

I found this walk cycle particularly interesting. The way in which the animator personalised the walk to suit the characters physique and behaviour adds more of a narrative that can easily be understood by the viewer. This is so true Farzana, interesting that you have chosen the same cycles as Charlotte for varying reasons. A good summing up of theses cycles... well done.


Jannella Star Large


Zoe Magson

I like this walk cycle as it brings the characters to life showing there personalities both the
strongness of the man and the innocence of the little girl. It is a good (and popular) choice Zoe as the contrast between the characters is so well animetd.


Barry McCann

It’s quite recent and quite well known (it’s become something of a ‘meme’).
I’m always tickled by his little jaunty strut- it’s the pause on each step and the swing in the upper body rotation that makes it endearing. True Barry - a GREAT swing to his step!! Shows what character can be built into a walk cycle.


Kelsey Murphy


Emil Sedzikowski

I like this animation because it also contains description how to give character mood mixed with movement. Yes this is a VERY good choice Emil - there is a lot of valuable information for animators here.


Georgia Joan Brydon-Wayman

WALK & SKIP CYCLES I really like how the animator has started out showing how he created the guidelines for both characters, walk and skip cycles, while also comparing them to the finished product of the actual characters side by side. Amazing to see what you can achieve from a few different circles and lines to create an actual character that moves! The actual animation is very serene, even when there's a butch man carrying an axe i still feel at ease because of the soundtrack but also the little girl skipping a long beside him. Lovely animation tied in with the soundtrack. Excellent summary of a very popular choice! I look forward to your book on cycles.







I like this walk cycle as it brings the characters to life showing there personalities both the strong ness of the man and the innocence of the little girl. Here it is again