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22.03.19 Week 8 PB013
BRING WITH YOU TO THE LESSON: On USB or ready to email to yourself
At least 4 jpgs of your work
4 short movies
1 sound file

and Your Animation Sketch Book

INTRODUCTION TO USING ibook Author for Mac

Put all the files you have brough in into a folder on the desk top.

Play with them using The Demo as a guide.

There are many other things in the "Widgets" folder - experiment and have fun.

email me the pdf you export from the main programme.

Two ibooks on line to download for free

P.S. 8.
Plan a 4-5 page ibook about
Your Own Art Story
Gather appropriate images,movies,text and sounds
Create a Cartoon Character to lead the viewer through the book.


email me a couple of jpgs - Deadline Thursday Night-Thankyou.