Student Animation/ Illustration X 23- Anim Mod. ILD122 2018


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Why I chose this Pastel Animation - my comments in red


Matthew Lyden


Jennifer Lynas

I really like this pastel animation, the overall theme is moving, but I particularly like how fluid and smooth the movement is i.e the blinking eyes and changes in facial expressions. True - it is really moving and interesting that it moved Laureta and Rebecca too

URL I also found this one really nice too. I love how vivid the colours are, and how expressive the movement is.
Good choice it it origianl and well animated.



Ayana Carty


This one is my favourite because the energy of the animation and music really connected.
It's using a different method than what we did so I don't know if it's relevant. :)
Really MOVES - OIl or Soft pastel is totally relevant

URL This one just looked really fun. Yes and builds up great at end.


Ellie Lee

I like this pastel animation because it tells a sad tale of two lovers, I like that the style of the animation started lose with simple bold marks to detailed sketches of their faces and even their hair blowing in the wind.
This is indeed a powerful piece of animation - quite a few people like it for it's emotional value


Dorcie Smith


Jessica Graves

URL I like this animation because it is simple and I love the colours as they remind me of the sea and land. I also like how smooth the animation seems to be. Good Choice - simple and VERY effective the best way to start!


Constantin Troullides

i like this animation because of the colours that were used and the movement is really alive.
True, and it is a magically positive emotional story beautifully told - good choice.



David Langley



Evdoxia Tzialou

I loved the fluency of the movement and the clarity of the character as it effortlessly moved across different poses and backgrounds. Yes this movie has true energy and life to it - pastel animation can do this very well.


Rebecca Clayton


I like the colour that has been used in the animation as it is quite an effective colour that has been used which draws your attention to the parts of the animation, as well as how the animation flows between the frames.
Yes, a very powerful and sad movie - as you say due to limited colour and continual smooth evolution .


Eve Giles

I wasn't sure about this animation at first after looking through so many but when it really
got going and the music properly kicked in I found this whole animation just awesome.
You're right the whole movie builds up to the point where those yellow/blue lines come in and the whole just takes off.




Sarah Lake

I chose this horse charcoal animation because I found it really impressive how the artist turned the solid black initial shape into a moving, living horse. It's really strong as they rotoscoped live action and drew over each frame
URL also liked the meaning behind this other stop motion animation as it focuses on depression which is a good perspective on how depression and mental health can effect a person.This is frame by frame animation like you will be doing on Friday - but YES It puts across a strong message effectively


Laureta Ajemba

URL I really like this pastel animation for Its simplicity. In fact, with only one colour, the artist managed to tell his own story through this movie.not only the artist has managed to reproduce a beautiful story with very few colours, but moreover the colours themselves reflect the essence of the story itself, bringing out a sense of tranquillity but at the same time a sense of despair and anguish, a very perceptive idea.
Well researched -really shows the UNIQUE POWER of pastel animation



Antoaneta Dimitrova

There wasn't a lot of choice regarding what pastel animation we like, it seems as if everybody have already listed all available on the internet. I find this one interesting as a perspective and mood although its just 3 seconds long, reminds me of kids animation.
Interesting choice- There is a suprising amount of pastel out there the more you look - here's one! Interesting that ERi chose your fox animation for different reasons .


Emily Stewart

I really like the transaction used in the background and I think it flows very nicely as a piece.
A few people have chosen this one- yes it moves very well to the soundtrack.


Erica Donnelly

I like it as it flows well and the subject matter of the wolf in the forest is something that appeals to me.
Good choice, it is well animated and has great atmosphere


Georgia Vagia



Patricia Pedro Dos Santos


This is my favorite pastel animation of all that I've seen, I wish I could see the finished one.

A few people have chosen this one - short but very atmospheric


Brittany Stanton

URL This is a collection of different animations however the eye at 45sec. stands out to me because of it's strong use of white to make it look like it is crying.Very well researched , showing the strong emotive power of pastel


Nathan Chambers




Jack Henderson




This is a well made pastel animation , with a small realistic story.The movement and the drawing are well made.

Yes it looks like it will be a nice cute fun story then dramatically changes to one of death and sorrow-that's good animation for you


Andrew Forrest



Cassandra Isaacson

Pedro Santos Pereira- No work