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23.02.18 Week 4 - The Illustration Studio Room 317 Floor 3

1- 5.00 pm
Using your Animation sketch book you are going to prepare
for your main Final Animated Movie Project which you will complete in weeks 6 and 7 of our course.

Choose TWO objects in the room.. or that you bring in... that have a
basic geometric shape.. e.g a Cylindrical can, a Square box,
a Triangular piece of Toblerone (don't eat it all) a Round Ball..etc...

1. Draw the objects as acurately as you can from several angles.. in a variety of media.

2. Design Cartoon Characters based on the chosen objects.

3. Decide what sort of personality each has - Goody/Baddy? Shy/Extrovert - the personality will reflect what it is -
e.g. Rubber Ball - bouncy... Cricket Ball - Hard Touch Case

4. Where does each one live,what do they eat,what is their job or hobby or chosen sport?
How would they each speak - or what sort of noise would they make?

5. Plan a simple storyboard showing how these two meet up and interact.
You used a storyboard format
in your "Bridges" project with Holly - this one can be much simpler.
Take a photo of a page you like
and e-mail it to me before you leave the Uni thanks.


Personal Study Work....Check out animation or storylines that have a
Geometeric Base .. here's an Oscar Winning one about a

Dot & a Line

By Chuck Jones - the guy who drew Bugs Bunny
based on an illustrated book
e-mail me one that you think everyone would find of interest
BEFORE next Friday thanks.