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23.02.18 Week 4 - The Illustration Studio Room 317 Floor 3
Using your Animation sketch book you are going to prepare
for your main Final Animated Movie Project which you will complete in weeks 6 and 7 of our course.
Choose 2 "geometric" objects and draw from all angles. Create characters, Interact in a Storyboard.
Upload your favourite page.
Here are my two study pages from today's session,
It follows a story about a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate who meet by accident, when Coffee accidentally trips and spills hot coffee on Chocolate, causing him to melt slightly. The sun comes out, which makes them both panic in case the chocolate melts more. Coffee then has an idea; A near by ice cream shop to help cool the chocolate down by putting him in a freezer. They do so, Chocolate is fixed and they become good friends.


Personal Study Work....Check out animation or storylines that have a
Geometeric Base .. here's an Oscar Winning one about a

Dot & a Line

By Chuck Jones - the guy who drew Bugs Bunny
based on an illustrated book
e-mail me one that you think everyone would find of interest
BEFORE next Friday thanks.