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23.02.18 Week 4 - The Illustration Studio Room 317 Floor 3
Using your Animation sketch book you are going to prepare
for your main Final Animated Movie Project which you will complete in weeks 6 and 7 of our course.
Choose 2 "geometric" objects and draw from all angles. Create characters, Interact in a Storyboard.
Upload your favourite page.
I made my characters based off my dice sets! I made three characters due to the dice being simple
and I wanted more interaction. I've attached the sketches and studies that I've done so far.
My general idea for interaction is that d6 makes fun of d4,
since d6 can go to higher numbers and is used in most games whereas
d4 is a specialised dice and isn't used often.
D6 doesn't know that d20 (d6's ultimate idol) rather admires d4 so d20 stands up for our
shy little pyramid. Sort of 'lesson' that everyone has their use.



Personal Study Work....Check out animation or storylines that have a
Geometeric Base .. here's an Oscar Winning one about a

Dot & a Line

By Chuck Jones - the guy who drew Bugs Bunny
based on an illustrated book
e-mail me one that you think everyone would find of interest
BEFORE next Friday thanks.