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02.03.18 Week 5 -AT HOME DUE TO SNOW

Part 1

Using Toon Boom if you have the free download
Stop Motion Studio and your smartphone
make your
TWO Geometric Characters move in any way you like..and think about sounds.
Just PLAY and EXPERIMENT - try ideas out.

Make TWO short movies ONE for each character - no need to put them together yet.


If you are using Stop Motion Studio
Use the actual object or cut-outs or plasticine or cardboard and blutak-
be CREATIVE and have FUN.
e-mail me your 2 final movies -whether toon-boom or sms


Part 2
Make sure that your STORYBOARD and character sheets for Final Movie
are ready to work from next week
You will work your story in separate scenes - not one big lump ..
all will be clear next week when we use Premier to edit scenes together.



There is no extra Personal Study work this week as you are working from home anyway -
it is combined in your course work above,